How to localize editor to enother language usiung .locres file?

Hello guys.

Recently I wanted to translate (localize) editor (I need to translate only base UI of editor, cause I think it impossible or spends a lot of your time to localize all editor with huge number of strings)
Of course I know how to translate base Editor.archive or .po files, but I don’t know how to edit main file - Editor.locres in Content/Localization/Editor, cause when I open this .locres file with notepad I can see strange symbols with English letters. I try to manually localize this binary code, but It was very hard and that’s not what I want. I found two utilities which can imort text file and export to .locres, but when I tryed to open export utility I saw that my OS doesn’t support this file (I have Windows 10).

And now I ask you. Do you know how I can to localize .locres file? Maybe you know another way to translate or utilities which can help me to localize.

Please, don’t say that it’s senselessly, because I don’t want to load this translation in global forums from huge number of people. I would be very grateful if you send me an answer

here you have some explanation of what locres files are

Prysm for UE4: Localization of Prysm resources in Unreal Engine 4 and here something similar

help after 4 years B)