"how to" Localization default language

Hey i’m working on the Localization side and i’ve an important question.
is there a way via blueprint, to get the information of the current language the user system is 'Windows; xbox one , ps4, i’m asking because i 've set a localization system in blueprint using variable set as text, and i would like to be sure when the game launch for the first time there is a check of the user default language.

Thanks in advance

I am also in need of help for the same task. I have already posted my query in (How to fetch the mobile/OS language? - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums). The suggestion provided was a solution for C++ project I guess. Any suggestions?

I also have the same question. I want to identify the language of the (mobile) device. An answer would be much appreciated.

BTW: Vasanth, your link does not work.

Sorry for the mishap. This is the right linklink text