How to load multiple objects from Content Browser into an array?

How can I load several objects from the Content Browser into an array in Blueprint? For example, I want to load x amount of textures from a texture folder in the Content Browser into a texture array variable.

Can this be done in Blueprint or do I need to use some C++ code?

I am not sure that this is what you are looking for but at least, you can create a variable, set it to array and select “texture” as type, compile and fill your array in details / default value by adding elements, or if you want at runtime, use “add” texture.

I’m looking for a way to load a varying amount of textures during runtime without having to do it manually beforehand. For example let’s say there’s 10 textures to start with. Then in a later build of the game I have 25 textures, and the next build there’s 40 and so on. What I’d like to do is make a blueprint that will load all of the textures without me having to manually add them every time textures are added.

I’m wondering if there is a way I can load all of the textures from the folder they’re in, possibly find a way to reference the folder so I can load each texture to a texture array. I’m not sure if BP can do this or not. For reference, I’m creating this is for character customization in my project.

After a bit hunt, i found :

But it is not a “get all elements in folder and set in array” so i am not sure that will really help

This is actually great. I’m working on getting it to do what I want, thanks for the help.