How to load level when inside trigger box area

hi! I am working on a 3d third person RPG, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do this.

I am new to ue4 as I just switched from unity.

in my tutorial level you are supposed to enter a dungeon. for the life of me I cannot figure out how to load the dungeon inside scene when you go into the box trigger.

I have been looking for 4 and a half hours and have not found a solution.

Do you want to load a completely new level? You can use the “open level” node for that.

Or do you want to load the inside without a loading screen? In which case you’ll want to use a sublevel that you can load via blueprints

probably a completely new level. but I don’t have a loading screen set up yet, although that is definitely on my list at some point… so for now I think I’ll just do the sublevel. how would I go about that? is there any documentation on it?

If you want a completely new level then I’d suggest using “open level”, you don’t need a loading screen

hmm… okay is there any sort of documentation showing how to use the open level node?

Blueprint docs are a bit patchy. Open level is simple enough. Just call it when you want to load a new level passing in the name of the new level.

oh, alright thanks!

It works perfectly!! thanks for the help!