How to load level(and it's assets) from an external file in a packaged build?

I am currently working on a project where I am required to create a “Master” Game which is supposed to open levels through a UDP message from another application. These levels and their assets will be dropped into the Content folder in .pak files after I have packaged the game. Since I don’t know much about packaging and deployment, I want to know if it is at all possible to load levels externally from a .pak or .umap file?

P.S. I have already tried putting the .umap file inside the Content folder, but loading that level only works in the editor. If I try to open it through a packaged game it either gives me an error of “Cannot find file” or just restarts the current level.

Hi … same issue here. Did you find any solution thou?

Have you found the solution to this?

Well, what I finally ended up doing was a bit “unethical”, I’d say. I created a new project with the same project name, project settings and engine version and then created a new level there. After compiling and cooking the content, I used UnrealPak to package only what I needed and then dropped that .pak file into my “master” game’s project folder. Upon launch, it picks up the content and I can open the maps through command line. I just needed to make sure there no clashes in files paths in any of the additional .pak files.