How to load cells - world partition

After importing a set of tiles - seemingly without an issue, and after saving and rebooting I can see the the boundaries of the set of tiles in the World Partition window - the viewport is not showing the landscape however, and neither is the landscape visible in the WP window, only the boundary. I assume I need to load the cells - how?

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Well typically was getting nowhere until just after I posted but - I now see that I can at least make a given tile visable by right clicking a LandscapeStreamingProxy in World Settings - still cant see any tile in the World Partitioning window however. This makes navigation to the correct tile a little difficult. Anyway to load previously loaded by default?

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You open the world partition window, box select the cells you want to load, right click and load them.

You need to select a cell (or multiple cells) in the “World Partition” window, right-click them, and finally click “Load Selected Cells”.

Unfortunately, if you try to select a cell by left-clicking it, nothing happens (seems like a bug to me). To actually select a cell, you need to hold left-click and drag a box that intersects the cells you want to load (or unload).