How to load c++ project on linux?

I am trying to load c++ project, but it open MyProject.workspace instead of project.

Do you build the project? you won’t be able to run editor without builded module in project

Which IDE are you using ?

You should try QTCreator, it works fine under linux.

Check out:

It works if you load CMakeLists.txt in your project, and run CMAKE.


I use Kdevelop.

…same principles apply :slight_smile:

I asked a similar question some time ago (I was really confused), some answers are there:

I had found also a post somewhere that had to do with .kdev4 directory to paste includes and defines to make it work…

A lot of info here also:


i built it and when i try to load it engine write LogInit:Warning: Incompatible or missing module:

I tryed doing like on the video in QTcreator, but it still crash on loading with that output Using jemalloc.
Increasing per-process limit of core file size to infinity.
[2015.08.29-17.37.04:905][ 0]LogInit:Display: Running engine for game: ShootanCpp
[2015.08.29-17.37.04:905][ 0]LogPlatformFile: Not using cached read wrapper
[2015.08.29-17.37.04:905][ 0]LogInit:Display: RandInit(630203036) SRandInit(630203042).
[2015.08.29-17.37.04:905][ 0]LogTaskGraph: Started task graph with 4 named threads and 7 total threads.
[2015.08.29-17.37.04:905][ 0]LogStats: Stats thread started at 2.711760
[2015.08.29-17.37.04:905][ 0]LogInit:Warning: Incompatible or missing module:
[2015.08.29-17.37.04:922][ 0]LogInit: Initializing SDL.
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:311][ 0]LogInit: Initialized SDL 2.0.4 (compiled against 2.0.4)
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:311][ 0]LogInit: Display metrics:
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:311][ 0]LogInit: PrimaryDisplayWidth: 1280
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:311][ 0]LogInit: PrimaryDisplayHeight: 1024
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:311][ 0]LogInit: PrimaryDisplayWorkAreaRect:
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:311][ 0]LogInit: Left=0, Top=0, Right=1280, Bottom=989
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: VirtualDisplayRect:
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: Left=0, Top=0, Right=1280, Bottom=989
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: TitleSafePaddingSize: X=0.000 Y=0.000
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: ActionSafePaddingSize: X=0.000 Y=0.000
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: Number of monitors: 1
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: Monitor 0
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: Name: SyncMaster 19"
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: ID: display0
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: NativeWidth: 1280
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: NativeHeight: 1024
[2015.08.29-17.37.07:312][ 0]LogInit: bIsPrimary: true

After rebuilding of the Unreal Engine it started writing about all my projects that engine version is unknown and compiling them. So that fixed that issue.

also i added project directory to .workspace and includes files

.workspace is for CodeLite. Neither qtcreator nor kdevelop are fully integrated.

Are you using KDevelop for Plasma 5?

To me doesn’t works, ever try QtCreator compile the project with GCC instead CLANG, so, this create a hard bug :’(

Any of the solutions dont work im using linux mint 18 and when in open a blank c++ document from unreal it takes me to code blocks or any ide which i try to use and the unreal engine gets closed and later when i try to open the project after opening unreal again it shows something like this is not able to compile or compiling with another version of unreal engine and those error messages. Help ! Thanks…