How to load assets that aren't part of a build

I am curious, too !

We want to allow our players to play our game on their own maps. Esentially loading assets that aren’t part of a build

There is the manifest_UFSFiles.txt that is easy to work with, but the assetregistry.bin associated doesn’t seems to be designed to be accessed or modified manually.

Overall the question I have is; how can I add and load assets that are not part of a build?

I think Unreal Tournament will need this, how are you guys going to handle that? Automatic downloads etc?


If you want to load your own assets I believe you would need to implement it in source code for your project. I believe everything what is custom needs its own implementation, and thanks to great framework in ue4 you can build in custom things into your version of engine/game (then use it in editor).


Just to clarify, we don’t want to load custom assets as in custom file type. We want to load files that are not part of a build game. For example, load a map or a character that wasn’t part of a build.

No unfortunately we haven’t and just skipped the feature we wanted for this time until we get more time trying to find a solution.

Hello,did you solved your problem? I am terriable about this now. All the solutions I can find are load assets from a part of the game build-in.So if you had solved this problem , I hope that you can teach me how to do it. THANKS A LOT!!!

Ah,is it mean you don’t do this rightnow?But what the other way you can archieve your aiming?

We skipped the feature completely, we don’t try to achieve it anymore.

I also want to load assets at runtime, any progress on this?

+1 This is a must for mobile and social games out there. This is not even asked by many people and there is no hint how to do