How to load assets from Google PAD fast-follow or on-demand asset pack?

I successfully implemented the Google PAD plugin and have a fast-follow asset pack inside the abb, named “fastfollowpack”. The fast-follow asset pack also get correctly downloaded from Google Play Store.

Inside an extra map that opens when starting my game, I’m trying to load/mount the assets from the fast-follow asset pack.
Using the Mobile Patching Library seems not to be the right way, because the “Get Installed Content” function outputs “None”?

The Documentation is not really completed at this point, looking at the description for the EGooglePADStorageMethod → AssetPack_STORAGE_FILES, it says:
“The asset pack is unpacked into a folder containing individual asset files. These assets can be accessed via standard file APIs.”
But what is meant with “can be accessed via standard file APIs”?

In my Map (that loads after the MainMenuLevel) the assets that are inside the “fastfollowpack” are not loaded, because the textures and sounds I referenced as “Explicit Assets” in my PrimayAssetLabel are missing (the asset pack is excluded from the obb). Of course, in the Editor is everything working.
So how to implement a fast-follow or on-demand asset pack correctly?

My BP for the startup map:

The documentation for GooglePAD is incomplete, standard file APIs is some C++ functions that they assume you already know about.
The mobile patch utilities aren’t directly designed to work with GooglePAD, but I guess they could work, have you tried setting a mount point?

I would suggest you to read this , it’s from a marketplace plugin but it’s still pretty relevant for general knowledge in regards to GooglePAD

Iam stuck at the same problem, did you find a solution in the meanwhile?