How to load and decomress and make a UTexture2D from that, what was saved to HDD by FImageUtils::CompressImageArray()?

I have saved Color Data from TextureRenderTargetResource to .bin on HDD, And save it with FImageUtils::CompressImageArray(); How me to restore it back as UTexture2D? I have generated pictures, so I need to load them back as “Load Game” option.

TextureRenderTargetResource *rtResource = RenderTarget->GameThread_GetRenderTargetResource();

FReadSurfaceDataFlags readPixelFlags(RCM_UNorm);
ColorBuffer.AddUninitialized(RenderTarget->GetSurfaceWidth() * RenderTarget->GetSurfaceHeight());
rtResource->ReadPixels(ColorBuffer, readPixelFlags);

Here you can finde working functions to load Images from any directory : VictoryPlugin/VictoryBPFunctionLibrary.cpp at master · EverNewJoy/VictoryPlugin · GitHub