How to link two components?

Hi, I’m new there, but I really hate the thing I will explain.
I’m training making houses etc, but always I have to try infinites combinations in the Location and Scale boxes to link two objects, is there an human way to do this like other programs do (CADs for example) so they will automatically link themselves? I hope I’m missing this option. Here a simple example
It tooks my all day to do a simple house…

Come on please, it is the most importat function in the engine. I can’t suppose there isn’t a way to do well done houses.

I’ve another question related to the others. To match sizes of an house I need to have the same height (Z, I don’t know why not Y) and the same width (Y, again I don’t know why not z)
A pillar with scale 1 is more higher than a wall with scale 1 in my case. What do I need to do to have an universal measuring system (px etc) to have the same misures? After all in Content-browser there are the misures (500x500…), how to use them?

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t I understand fully; do you mean that you want the walls of your BSP to line up perfectly next to eachother? If so, then just use grid snapping (which should be on by default). If that’s not what you meant, do you mind editing your explanation so it makes more sense? By the way, it’s easy to build architectural scenes in UE4 :wink:

  2. UE4 uses a grid where Z is up, that’s just all there is to it. Maya uses Y up, etc. Different software developers will simply choose one…
    For matching sizes of walls and stuff, don’t rely on scale, rely on the transform of the grid. So you could have standard size interior walls that are 10 feet tall or something like that. Build them that way in 3dsMax or Maya or CAD or whatever you’re using and when they come into UE4 they will be the same size.

Grid snap works just sometimes, but it can’t help when the object go on the screen not alignet with the grid, and it also doesn’t work when scaling, just when moving (and not all times anyway…) Anyway any altirnative to the actual scale like the pixels?

Really thanks for your answer anyway.