How to link to Engine Third Party Library in game code?


I am having trouble trying to figure out how to include a library from the Engine Third Party folder into my game code. I’ve not been able to find any documentation on how to include these libraries in my game code.

I’ve managed to build the Engine from source which includes the WebSocket library. As a test I take the default actor class and include the libwebsockets.h which is in the Engine Third Party Library. Upon build I get a header not found error.

Any help pointing me to the right direction would be very appreciated.


Hi Pablosquared,

have a look at this one:

It’s a good starting point an helped me a lot to include my own third party libraries.

Thanks, I will take a closer look at this!

I am wondering if the third party libraries in the engine could be included in the build or library path for my project but am not sure if that is even possible or feasible to expose the engine libraries to my project, much less how to reference that by path without a bunch of “…/…/…/…” :). Hopefully I’m making sense with that and am not way off base here. :smiley:

Thanks again!