How to link parameters of Houdini Digital Asset to a slider widget ?

how to extract all those parameters i created on houdini digitral asset and link them to a slider widget so i can move them on run time and change the shape of that object thanks

Been looking for this too ! seems like it should be a simple thing to achieve with a widget blueprint, but I am new to unreal and I can’t figure it out. Can anyone help ?

Are those “parameters” shape keys to a skeletal mesh?
If so, they are handled by the animation curve or by the Set Morph node

In my case it’s not a skeletal mesh, just some procedural static geometry manipulation through houdini parameters.
I just want to be able to give a player the ability to tweak those parameters in a packaged game through sliders for example.

Edit :
I just realized for houdini engine to even work properly and cook the final asset, a houdini installation would be required in the host machine. Which defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to achieve.