How to link "complete" puzzle to door?

Hello everyone

I’m trying to link this puzzle to a door that when it is complete the door will then open.

I just want the door to open once the puzzle is complete (Yellow tabs) -

I’ve attached 4 pictures to help explain with my blueprints

Overall, I just want my complete puzzle to open the door once all the pads are yellow. I’m not sure how to do this? if anyone could explain the most simple and easiest way to open the door, I’d be very grateful.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Ok, so here you go :

right now you have 2 blueprints : Endgame_PuzzleBP and your DoorBP

  1. step cleanup Endgame_PuzzleBP :
    open Endgame_PuzzleBP and delete tick node then select all nodes it was calling -> right click -> collapse to Function. give the new function “UpdateMaterial”

then remove most of the code to the overlap event and keep a “set isOn to true” and call Update material.

  1. Add an event dispatcher to Endgame_PuzzleBP named PuzzleStateChanged and call that

your bp should looks like screen1 and 2

  1. now we are going to create a solver actor

create a new blueprint class and choose “actor” as parent class, name it “PuzzleSolverBP”

Add 2 variable, one name Door and type of “DoorBP” and an array of type Endgame_PuzzleBP
Add one function and name it "CheckPuzzle

Check Screen 3 and 4 to see how it’s build

Then, in map editor, drop all your EndGame_PuzzleBP, and one PuzzleSolverBP, select the PuzzleSolverBP and add all your “EndGame_PuzzleBP” actors into the “PuzzleItems” list