How to link a light to an object?

I would like to link a light to an object.

You have a lamp (geometry/mesh).
When rotating the lamp and it’s geometry, a light source should be linked to the pivot of the geo and automatically follow the rotation direction.
Basically, a transform node of the light that is kinda linked to it’s parent --? the geometry of the light!

uff… hope I was able to explain this…
thanks a lot for your help!

You can create a blueprint with a Static mesh (your lamp) as your root and add a light to it. Once it’s dragged in to your scene you can just rotate/move the blueprint. In the details tab you can always select the components to edit them individual when needed.

Hi, just joining the dialog…

I am a lighting designer and currently working on the same idea where I want a content folder with my fixtures, where the lights (including the set IES file) and just drag and drop the fixtures in my scene. Can this be done? How do you create a blueprint rooted to a static mesh and a folder with fixtures as assets?

Yes you can.

Navigate to your fixture folder inside the content browser and create a new Blueprint actor class.

After creating the blueprint open it up, press the “Add component” button and select Static Mesh. Select the static mesh component you’ve just added and assign the fixture mesh to it. After that add another component and select a spot light (or whatever you want to use). Set up the light with the required default settings (such as the IES file that you wish to use) and move it to the required location.

Optionally you can drag and drop the light on on to the static mesh components to link its location / rotation.

You can duplicate the blueprint for however many fixtures you have and just replace the mesh and IES file for each one.