How to linearly blend between two textures in unreal.. it is

The extreme relative right of the mesh should have one texture and as we approach the left it should start blending into another texture.

Linear blending is called linear interpolation, it’s fairly straightforward. In your material, place two texture samplers and a local position node. The local position will give you the distance in centimeters on each axis from the pivot point of the mesh.
Use a componentmask to select the X, Y or Z axis from the localposition you want to blend along (R, G, B). You can divide that by the object radius to get something easier to work with, -1 to 1.

The lerp (linear interpolation) node’s alpha will blend 0 to 1, you need that instead of -1 to 1. Remap by adding 1 and dividing by 2 to the componentmask. Plug that into the Lerp’s alpha, and the samplers into A and B. Into basecolor or whatever you want and you are done.

you can adjust the blending width by multiplying the -1 to 1 step by whatever you want.

Hey man thanks for the reply but the results are unexpected :frowning:

Hmm, you could post a screenshot of it. Im not sure what you expected or what happened instead.