How to line up player character so they can sync for animation?

For example:
Notice how when ‘E’ is pressed his character “teleports” to the desired location?
Which blueprint do you use to make your character move into position so the animation can be lined up perfectly?

Move component to only goes for world locations, but what if I want to place say a door that opens with my animation in a lot of places? Would I have to go into the bp and manually set the world locations for each door so my character is transported there?

PS: if someone could break down the process very quickly about how to go about having a door open with an animation in ue4
I know how to do animations, just how would that be set up exactly?
is it like

On Press E > Take away control from player> Play animation wait 10 seconds > rotate door model > after animation end > give control back to player?

hope this helps: UE4 Tutorial - Teleport / Move character to position and play animation - YouTube