How to limit, or slow down input look actor rotation when using a strafing motion set?

As the title says, when using a strafing motion set, the actor can change its orientation very fast, as fast as you move the mouse or the controller, which can be highly unrealistic. How can I limit how fast you can look around (input), or make this looking around affect the actor/mesh smoothly? Thank you.

If you want to slow down look rotation just multiply the mouse or controller input axis value with a number less than 1 (and >0). Or if you want to dynamically change it use a variable to multiply it with axis value. In the below picture Iā€™m showing an example without using any variable and hard coding a value.


And coming to second part of your question ,limiting rotation of camera you can do it by getting camera manager and setting min and max pitch /yaw/roll. like this


I Hope this answer helps you, Cheers!

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