How to limit Camera Rotation

Hi all,

I have a new camera called FPSCamera and want to limit the rotation to it when in combat mode(or zoomed mode).
How do I approach this.

I have attached an image regarding the BP for the combat mode

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How do you rotate the camera?/which template do you use (or have you created your system from scratch)?
Make sure to take a look at this thread: :slight_smile:

Im using the default third person BP, There are two cameras (1- Default follow camera, 2- FPS Camera) for my character. I have this combat mode(with Aimoffsets) , and if it is initiated by pressing a key the follow camera switches to the FPSCamera. I want to control the Yaw Limit for the FPS Camera since it rotates 360 in all directions.

I have tried some limitations for the Pitch for InputAxis LookUp, I’ve attached an image below.

, but that is for the follow camera isn’t it???

Or is there anyways to limit the 2 cameras separately???

Sorry if I’m being clueless as I’m slowly learning these blue print mechanisms,

Its soo annoying there are no proper answers for these beginner questions…

try adding 2 variables leftdirection and rightdirection and test if the camera has met this rotation limit and if it does block the camera from rotating more. that way it rotates left and gets to the rotation value and stops rotating. hop this helps…

By the way why are you making multiple posts about this same issue? please only make 1 post for it. edit that post to add more details or to change what you say in the post.
there is no need for multiple posts for 1 subject.

Still no luck guys,

Here are some images with details on what problems I’m having,