how to lighting without windows?

Hi guys im working of a project and i have a big problem.
The building has no windows so i cant use skylight or koola method, etc…

The building have a natural light entrance but only in a extreme, all the rest has no windows at all so i need a artificial light method.

Can you help me with suggestions or something?

I was trying with some spot lights in the interior and a directional light in the only entrance but mm i dont like the feel im getting. I want a vray feel if its possible.
I will show you all the progress anyway. Thanks!

I don’t know about VRay, But I know that a building like that is going to need at least some lights for it to not be very dark.

Could you not place lights on the ceiling/walls?

yea its got to have some can lights or cove lights coming from somewhere in real life. So you can mimic that fairly easily in Unreal… it will never be Vray quality, not yet at least. In the world settings you can increase your global illumination too to brighten up the whole scene

Thanks guys i will show you the next week maybe :stuck_out_tongue: