How to light skelmeshactor in mobile?

I’ve started answerhub topic about that:

Basically nothing work if you place SkelMeshActor into your level and put some lights. It will be black.

Make sure your lights are set to static. Make sure to build the lighting first.
Also check your light mass settings.

Do you have a screenshot?

Only one dynamic directional light is supported on mobile. The spot light or point lights won’t light anything that is dynamic/moveable in the scene, they’ll only impact baked lighting.

Michael Noland

Can you make this explicit in the documentation? I think most people need to know that spot and point lights don’t work on dynamic objects in mobile.

Michael so what about indoors in ES2? I cant light indoors using directional lighting it will look odd…

Is this going to be fixed in 4.6 ? As not being able to use point/spotlights for characters and physics objects is very limiting right now.

It won’t make it for 4.6 unfortunately. I’ll add a task for this (and you can vote on it!) on the trello board.
edit Actually it’s already there! But other things have popped up and push it down the priority line.

It’s a shame that this has been pushed down to wishlist status. There is a huge demand for better mobile support as far as I can see, and dynamic shadows are a basic feature of other engines on mobile. My hunch at this point is that Epic is focusing on Metal or Tegra-level devices’ ability to use UE4’s full rendering path, rather than on trying to support older mobile devices and their capabilities. Can anyone from Epic speak to this? How important is previous-gen mobile support to the UE4 roadmap?

Having the full rendering path with metal would be amazing. But yea, having some features for ES2 would not be too bad. Would be nice to know where Epic is heading with iOS.

It would be nice to have something like Dynamic Light Environment like in UE3 mobile. Basically without this feature you can’t make good indoor looking games using UE4 now it should be high priority for you guys for my opinion. You’ll be losing mobile devs soon.

maybe but it’s still “experimental” because umg / streaming is causing access validation on the device. We are doing one K1 game here and it’s a pain to debug and find the issues.

Basically what I’m seeing is that Epic have a lot of examples with small amount of features, some scenes that are working correctly on iOS/Android/K1/Metal, but when you are creating a game (not a scene) with UMG/Paper2d/Streaming/Lighting/AI issues are spawning like hell. It would be really nice if Epic can buy some studio to make 2d games and another one to make AAA 3D games using the engine so they will know exactly what’s going on because we small developers don’t have time to spend on reporting issues and getting “Will be done someday, marked as Resolved”, “Repro needed”, “You haven’t speak for a while, resolved”.

Sorry for bumping this again but I’m having a serious issue with spawning meshes procedurally where the first one is lit and any spawned ones will be unlit.