How To: Light only affects specific Objects

I have a little Problem,
I want make a Fish Tank who works like a single world and the Sun out of the FishTank don´t effects objects in the FishTank.
In the other way, the Sun should affect all objects but not the objects in the FishTank…

If I turn off the DirectionalLight to don´t affect the world, everything is dark and my spotlights work perfect, but all things out of the FishTank are dark too…
If the DirectionalLight is turned on to affect the world, I can see rising up the sun in the FishTank, it´s the same when I build a wall between the Sun and the FishTank…

How can I say the Lights, they should only affect specific objects?

I think you should look at Light Channels in 4.11 ??

Can you say me, where I can find this?
I´m using the ARK Dev Kit v224.5
(I hope this is there implemented)

Unreal Engine Version 4.11 has just implemented Lighting Channels which allow you specify a channel for lighting on each Object.

I would dare say that if the ARK DevKit does not support 4.11 it will not be available.

ark dev kit still runs a custom 4.5 version i believe

Ok, thanks
So I must wait till there´s an update to 4.11 or find another way^^

Can I do this with a blueprint and volume?

i dont think so