How to let the walltiles pop out physical correct?

When i want to get a result like on the picture in the video, where you walk/shoot through, and the tiles are popping out…
I tried it through a construction script inside my Tile-BP, but they are not reacting like an independent object, because they are parented, so far i understand that.
Q:Is there a tutorial, how to construct the whole corridor, for now its only a single row of tiles?
Q: How to integrate the other rows?
There must be an easy way, to use Endpointheigth, like Endpointlength?
But when i place them manually and trigger so many objects, and each is reacting independent, and triggering other tiles events, i quick get a breakdancing CPU.
Which way would be right to setup these thing, that it feels physic?
Apex could manage many more objects, but i use Blender only (no plugin).

Ty @ll :slight_smile: