How to let the client player teleport on button press over networking?

I have tried various blueprint configurations to have the client’s teleport to run on the server and for the server to cast to clients. The teleport is not occurring. What might I be doing wrong?

Thank you for any assistance

Hi, first of all you don’t need a Switch authority, either way the “FPressed” is always called. Second, as I see you are trying to teleport a player’s character. The character is probably replicated, so all you need to do is teleport him in the server, and the position will be updated in all the clients. So, from pressing “F” you need to call an event that runs on server (“Like the FPressedClient”_ and use the teleport node there. Also, the “Get Player Pawn” node always runs locally, so if you keep it that way the server’s character will always be the one to teleport. Use “Get Controlled Pawn” instead.

Thanks for the help! I tried redoing it this way but I’m still getting the same issue- the host player is able to teleport but the client still cannot. Am I still missing something some where?