How to learn Unreal Engine

Hi guys, my name is Ernesto and I’m a UE4 Beginner. I have a really stressful ( for me ) question about the learning process. On the epic website we can find the documentation and a lot of VideoTutorial, but i still confused about WHERE to start. When i started Unity, the learn section was really user friendly, and was sequential! The UE4 documentation instead is a little bit tricky… and i can’t understand if it’s sequential too because there are a lot of link in every sections. Please can you help me to understand a properly way to learn!?

Hey , I also am pretty much a beginner to UE4 and the best way I found to learn was to come up with a simple game idea or mechanic and go with it. I am working on a third-person cover system (which I later found out is not a simple game mechanic) but I have searched online for answers to any problems I have had online, which typically are lead back to the Unreal Engine wiki pages and documentation. There’s even a Get Started with UE4 section which will help with whatever you’re looking for like coding, blueprints and level design. In there is a section for moving from Unity to Unreal. That would be my best guess on where to start so hopefully that helps.

I will listen your advice mate. Thx a lot.

Hi. my first question also was something like yours ! how to learn UE4 and where to begin :smiley: .
I was really confused when I came across a huge bunch of tutorial things. remember don’t get yourself mixed up and involved by that huge bunch of tutorial things. i recommend you play with editor first like just drag and dropping things to the scene then start watching tutorial videos (the best one to begin is “twin stick shooter” by) and then try to make the same project, as you continue watching and making you can check confusing subjects in documentations.
but don’t pay attention to any thing else before having a complete twin stick shooter game.

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