How to learn some official projects efficiently, such as ActionRPG

Hi, I’ve learnt Unreal engine 4 for almost 10 months. During this period, I learnt some basic of UE4 and I can make a simple demo by learning others project from Epic Store or some other place. As you know, there are very few C++ projects on the market today, and ActionRPG is awesome which is a good sample using both BP and C++. It’s an easy thing to learn TomLooMan’s Udemy course, another to learn ActionRPG. I learn ARPG from its Gameplay Framework which is not too hard for me. Then comes to its character pawn. It makes me upset. It costs much time but helps little. So any advice to learn a project more effective?

Best way to learn is to watch Epic Games live stream on youtube or twitch, where they explain the official project very well. Also, show Epic ways of doing things.
If you are stuck somewhere you can always ask question forums or UnrealSlacker discord group.

Learning to Make Games with UE4 and Action RPG | GDC 2019 | Unreal Engine

Action RPG: Gameplay Abilities System | Unreal Engine Livestream

Unreal Slackers

Thanks for your advice. But actually, I’ve watched these videos. My friend advised me that watch the UE source code. Lol, sad.

Can you provide more instructions or videos? If you found… Thanks!

Check Gameplay Ability Channel in Unreal Slackers

Check out Unreal Slackers discord channel. They have a dedicated channel for Ability System with lots of information pinned in the channel.

Thanks a lot.