How to learn Animation in Unreal (alternatives to Youtube?)

Greetings Animators.

Over the last few years I have tried and failed a number of times to wrap my head around animation in Unreal.

I’ve tried to follow the great Wes Bunn resources and other tutorials on Youtube, but just haven’t managed to wrap my head around it.

I’d be happy to pay for a tutor or pay for a course, but have trouble finding courses or connecting with tutors.

Usually I’m good at learning on my own (other CAD software etc) but have failed at wrapping my head around the animation tools in Unreal.

The crazy thing is I’m SURE that with an hour or two of help with the ability to ask questions I could figure it out, just following the videos I’ve been lost for years.

Any advice greatly appreciated as I want to learn so badly.

Thanks all.