How to layer blend per bone for lower body bones?


I have a stomp animation montage like in “Dead Space” but I can’t blend lower body bones.
I know how to work with upper body slots but not this one

I have not figured it out yet . can anybody help me?

you can use 2 blend poses. one is started from the left thigh and the other is the right thigh.

my problem is that i don’t know how it is started from a bone to lower bones not upper bones. I need to disable head to spine and enable spine to feet for that animation. I don’t want to play stomp animation for upper body bones

Should be the same way just layer your lower body joint. Set then in the layer per bone, like left thigh and right thigh

sorry for late reply. in that case you have to set base pose to stomp animation and blend pose to walk or idle animation with the spine bone. layered bone blend only works for child bones in bone hierarchy.