How To Launch Unreal Editor?

I have started “Unreal Engine Launcher”, and it seems there is no way to launch Unreal Editor?
And I have downloaded several sample projects from Marketplace, but all the downloaded projects are marked as “not ready”, and “unable to open project because Unreal Engine is not ready to launch.”
Thank you!


In the upper-left corner of the Launcher, what does it currently say below “Unreal Engine”?

Have you tried closing and restarting the launcher?


It is working now, after restarting the launcher several times, thank you very much!

The exact same thing happened to me and I could not even launch the editor in offline mode. After closing, restarting, logging out and logging in from the launcher several times the problem was gone.

I have 4.0.1 and restart dont help

i think this is launcher problems…i can run samples sprtly anyway


When you are logged into the Launcher, what does the yellow button in the upper-left of the Launcher say?

the Launcher say “update” but i dont do it bcose updates are not signifint and 4gb i w8 the next one.
But any way you can Launch it:from instal folder:

C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.0\Engine\Binaries\Win64

or whear you instal it…