How to launch UE4.25 to HTML5?

I’m using UE4.25, I want to release my project to web browser. However, I can’t find the project setting to “HTML5” in UE4.25.
How to lauch the UE4.25 project to web browser? Please help, thank you.

They moved the extension outside of the engine: GitHub - UnrealEngineHTML5/Documentation

It seems that it’s gonna be a dead branch to me, I don’t think html5 it’s gonna be supported in the future

Last update was 2 months ago… :cries:

Still no 4.25

Is there any other option to bring the game to web browser except html5, thanks

any news on this?

I don’t understand why they gave up on HTML5 since being able to render UE4 into web browsers was somehow impressing and a very interesting feature for many purpose especially when you don’t know the hardware of the public your are distributing you project.