How to launch Level Sequence assets from C++

I’m writing a Sequence Manager which is a C++ class. I want to be able to put the level sequences in the editor and play them at certain times.
I use ULevelSequence* to expose said sequence assets in the editor.
Now to actually play it I can use a UMovieSceneSequencePlayer* which has Play() function. However, it’s an abstract class that doesn’t have a way of assigning what sequence it is playing or I cannot find how to make it work.
How do I go about creating level sequence player. I tried ULevelSequencePlayer* however it wouldn’t allow me to declare a variable using it as a type, so I couldn’t use the function (documentation link)
I am aware how easy it is via blueprints however I need this to run from C++. Any help will be appreciated.

Tutorial Spanish.

Github source code.

Discussion in another entry I made.