How to launch a character like a physics projectile

I want to launch my character like a physics projectile after he gets hit so that he bounces off walls. I have tried adding projectile movement component to my character and activating it when the character is struck(onOverlap). This works fine for the first strike but when I deactivate and reactivate the projectile for the second strike it does not work. I have also tried setting the velocity of the projectile but that doesn’t change the velocity of the actor/character. How do I manually set the speed/velocity of a projectile movement component and the actor to which it is attached?

Some people have reported the same, their solution is to add the projectile component by code.

Other option would be a massive add impulse, or add force. But I prefer the projectile component better because it’s better suited to your needs.

Are you saying that adding the projectile component to mycharacter.cpp will allow me too modify the project velocity in blueprints?

I tried this and I am still experiencing the same problem. I think when a projectile is reactivated, it is not relaunched.

I am VERY new at this but I have been using the OnComponentHit sending the normal impulse pin out to the launch velocity pin on “launch Character”. I have been getting slightly sporadic results but most of the time it solidly sends my character away from the projectile strike. I am most open to any feedback on this