How to know which compiler is being used by Unreal Engine?

I just installed both Unreal Engine 4.26.2 and Visual Studio Code.

I create a project (3rd person template) and I press Launch button. The UE editor is not responding and there are 4 workers running (listed in the Task Manager window). As far as I remember, I also installed .NET 5.0 SDK before creating the UE project.

My question: Which compiler is being used by UE? I haven’t install MinGW gcc yet.

Once the project launched, I can play with it.

When I enable Ray Tracing, the compilation stops at 39% as follows.

There are MANY shaders to compile, the first time you run it.
Big, complex projects can take up to an hour to open up, the first time you open them.
As long as the ShaderCompilerWorker is working, you should keep waiting. Only if the CPU goes idle, yet the editor seems hung, is there a cause for worry.

You can reduce the amount of shaders to compile, by aggressively using only a few master materials, and making all of your object materials use instances of that master material.

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Thank you very much.

… days if you’re using older hardware, hours on newer hardware.

You have my sympathy!

:smiley: I just joined a professional product, with my previously adequate i7-4770K 5Ghz 32gig ram machine, discovered that I needed an upgrade, now I have a i7-10700K at 5.2Ghz with 48gig ram, and can actually perform work again.