How to know when my character is ended with jumping?


So I want to read distance betwen 2 positions - first is Y vector where my character (this character is enemy Al) start jumping (position JUMP START, VECTOR A), and second is Y vector where character touch ground, I mean jump ends (JUMP END, VECTOR B).

First position is not problem, because I have BP with capsule trace that detect objects on ground and makes variable JUMP START positive.

When JUMP START is positive, i have BP with “JUMP” BP and “SET JUMP zVelocity” BP to make bigger jump.

So I want to read that distance betwen JUMP START and JUMP END, but I dont know how to read JUMP END position.

It might not be the best way, but you can start doing traces every tick once you started Jumping, from your characters feet down. If the distance is >1 you’re still jumping. If the distance is == 0 you stopped jumping, get the hit results and stop the scanning sequence.

Then you simply do the math you need from the starting position of the jump to the trace that was == 0.

Maybe not the best way but it’d work.

Oh yeah, this could be very helped! Thank you!

Is there some limitation how much traces can one character have?

No, there is no real “limit” to how many traces one character can have.

thank you guys!!!

It’s much easier for you to use the Event OnLanded instead of checking the trace every tick, IMO.


This way I could get a length result from the starting jump Location and the landing point, and print it on the screen.

EDIT: And now I saw there’s a Hit Result from this Event that you could use to get the Impact Point instead of creating a new variable Stop Jump Location

It’s easier but less useful for animation trigger. You can get clunky animations if you try to queue the landing animation once they touch the ground, instead of a few frames before they touch the ground to get a more natural landing.