How to know this player is the Listen server dude?

Ok basically i want to that when game is over a screen apears with a box with the score you did, and a button for the admin (listen server guy ) , well the admnisitrator, " well since i know every player controller has a movie instance ", but how do i get the listen server one, i could make the admin one " just a though i just had " but i dunno how to get the Listen Server Player Controller any ideas?

when the player clicks the ‘host’ button set a bool
admin = true

this will get you your listen server player who hosts the game
if(WorldInfo.NetMode == NM_ListenServer)
//found the host player if your in the utplayercontroller file.

EDIT;I gave you some bad info here in the below, when coming from the server files it will be the servers type Example are
WorldInfo.NetMode = NM_ListenServer, WorldInfo.NetMode = NM_Standalone, WorldInfo.NetMode = NM_DedicatedServer;
no matter what player you are.
but when you go to the playercontroller file from there, if you are the host of the listening server then you’ll be this WorldInfo.NetMode = NM_ListenServer all other player on listen server are WorldInfo.NetMode = NM_Client if it dedicated all are WorldInfo.NetMode = NM_Client

Hope this helps.