how to know if the name of the game is taken

Hello everybody,

I would like to know if somebody knows if a name of a game is already taken so that i get into legal troubles and so forth.
Is there a data base with names or a web page that I can look for a certain name?.
I would apreciate some responses, thanks.

A good place to check is your countries trademark office to see whether a name you’re interested in has been registered for use within that goods/service market. If you’re in the US you can search the USPTO trademark database to see if there are any in use. Good luck! =)

There are dedicated services that will do this for you (obviously, it costs money). I would not recommend trying to do it yourself.

Thanks SE_JonF I´ll look on USPTO web page. I´m spanish and I didn´t know about this data base

No problem. You’ll want to check the USPTO equivalent in your country as well. Since you are considered a foreign domicile if you are going to try to file a trademark in the U.S. using the USPTO you’ll need to enlist the aid of a U.S. based attorney. Before you even attempt to do any of that though, be sure to make use of the database query tools to see if the name you’re seeking to trademark is even available.

As Ambershee mentioned you can pay a middleman to inquire all of this information for you, however in my humble opinion it is way too costly for the simplicity of the task being done. At least with regards to the US trademarking process. I’m unfamiliar with how it would work in your country, so you’ll have to research that yourself and come to your own conclusion as to whether you find the cost to be justifiable. Good luck. =)