How to know if client finished loading streaming level ?


My level opens, displaying a loading screen while a sub-level (the real one) is loading.
Clients connect to the server. When they connect, I want to spawn their character and make them possess it.
Problem is : how can I know the client finished loading the sub-level ? I can’t spawn the character before the client is really ready ! :frowning:

Thank you to anyone with the beginning of an idea :slight_smile:

Hi ChezJau, you could use the following node to load a sublevel (set to not visible in the level window), and once it is loaded have execute a function on the sublevel blueprint, eg, in this screenshot called Init.

Thanks !
I couldn’t warn the gamemode because I was a mad bug victim lol. I load the sublevel from the main map. It warns the controller so it can display the loading widget. No Problem here. But when I created a “execute on server” event then tried to call it : “nope I refuse ! :p” . lol Every time the input had a “new boolea” name and made error. I could create it, compile then try to call it… it didn’t work. So I couldn’t et the variable on the server and read it from the gamemode.
Today (I’m in France), I tried to insist : creating the event, compiling, adding the bool input, compile, call it in the function, compile. Rince, repeat as fast as possible and MAGIC at some point it worked ! :eek:

Now I have a new problem lol. This seems to work fine

After the branch, I load all the necessary things, spawn the character and make the controller possess it.
But when I test and ask for 2 players as clients and hit Play, The first one never triggers this (never gets a character) and the second player gets a character that… falls into the ground… :confused:
Unreal, you hate me. I don’t know why, but you are mean ! :mad:

Ok you know what ? The widget loaded by the main menu works like a charm ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Now my main menu loads the loading widget (giving the map name on spawn) so I can load the game map directly.

And no more falling into the ground lol :cool:

It could also mean that you may have to add some Delay Node, depending on what you load. This can be a little difficult, but try add a Delay of 2 or 3 seconds before the character is loaded.

I did not tried it yet but there is also a new Free loading pack on the market avilable Async Loading Screen in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace