How to know if a door is open

I have made a child of the behemot gate, and I am trying to open and close automatically using a blueprint.

I can open/close the behemot using Trymultiuse (index 500). The problem is that same number opens and closes, so I need to know if the door is open or closed.

Thank you.

PS: There is a door open state, but it is “bad_type” so I think it is impossible to use.

I am using a check on the rotation of the door transform to get the door state:

Yah but what happens if it is opening/closing?

Then both values will return false = moving state.

But I need to know if it is opening or closing too.

Just have to exptend this a bit to get the direction. For example get the rotation twice and look if it is getting smaller or greater.

Mm… well I will do that, using a timer.

Thank you for the idea.

there is a node to check if the door is moving which u can branch off it its what i used on my steampunk gates to add animations looks like this

u can try that if thats what ur looking for