How to know collision side?

hello, i’m trying to spawn a decal on a wall when it’s hit by a bullet.

the problem that i’m facing is that the decal shows fine on certain walls but in others don’t because the rotation, i thought in getting the side for the collision to apply the rotation for the decal.

the image shows what i’m describing, if the bullet collides in left/right side for the wall the decal shows fine, but if it collides with up/down of the wall the decals shows weird because the rotation.

i tried using the impact normal to detect the side for the collision object but it didn’t work, any ideas on how to do this?

thanks in advance for all the help.

Impact normal is the right way to go. Can you show me a screenshot of the Blueprint and the result?

sorry for the late response, i figure it out, i was getting a first collision with player, that’s the main reason i was not getting the right impact normal at the end.

thanks again for the help.