How to knock the character back a fixed distance?

I created a knock-back actor, which on overlap launches the player character with a fixed velocity. I notice if the knockback actor hits the player when he isn’t moving it doesn’t really send him back very far. I don’t want this, how do I make it so that I still knock-back the player even if he isn’t moving

I guess I need a function other than “launch”?

Launch should work, just set it to “override velocity” on both XY and Z. This way, rather than applying a force to the player which is added to his momentum, his velocity will be redefined to whatever the launch command says, regardless of how fast he was moving when it triggered.

No. Good. I set the xyz6012e27452aa0e1f078f5ea4e494cb1c62bb2ae0.jpeg

I have the knock-back actor spawning, if it spawns near the player character and the player just does a really weak hop. If he approaches while moving, even at small speed he gets knocked back the full distance

When you don’t move your velocity is zero, then you multiply the force by the zero velocity and you get zero launch velocity for X and Y. Get the forward vector and try to plug it in instead of the velocity.

Alternatively you could use an animation with root motion.