How to kill player when object hits

I have a ball with a box around it in a blueprint class, and I am unsure how to kill the player when it hits, In the event graph i just have a OnComponentHit node, im confused as to what to do from there.

A “dead” state is something that you will need to implement yourself, more than likely through the use of a Health variable that you manipulate on the Player itself when damaging events occur.

There are a few handy nodes that help you do this.

Try applying damage to the Player from the Cube when the OnComponentHit Event is fired.

Then on your Player all you need to do is manipulate your Health variable from the AnyDamage Event node.

After Health reaches 0, its up to you how you consider your Players death from there.

When health hits 0 you either destroy the actor or unpossess it.

We’ll I didnt do a health thing, but thats because everything kills you instantly so i dont see a reason for health anyways, but i should be able to un posses the player and then re posses the pawn right? I tried soemething like this but it doesnt seem to work.