how to kill or do damage to player using volumes

Hi all,
Im a 3d artist looking to get into the design part of the industry!
Im a n00b at blueprint and am looking to improve my skillz.

I’m using the side scroller template, I was wonder how I get the player to take damage and or to kill him using a damage volume.
the player seems to be able to run though the volume and not take any damage. does anyone know how to set up health for the player and damage him using a volume?

bump anyone?

Hi Ian,

There is a pain volume you can place down right now. It will do damage over time, but what ‘damage’ does is up to you. The player will get Damage events called on it and you can implement those to respond (playing a hurt animation, decrementing health, etc…). We don’t have a built-in notion of health because different games have vastly different requirements (e.g., some games might have health plus shields, or magic/physical elemental resistance or whatever).

Michael Noland

Hey Michael,
Thanks for the reply!:slight_smile:

After playing around and watching some more tuts this all is making more sense, but I’m still very new and eager to learn! with that said, does anyone have a good way of setting up a blueprint for a players health?

Thanks in advance!