How to keyframe Cloud Material Params

I’m new to UE and have found videos showing how to add a material on geo to the sequencer to allow keyframing, but I am not able to do so for a Volumetric material Instance. When I add the main actor (SOA_CloudsMaker), I can add the Volumetric Track but not sure how to add one level deeper which is the material instance settings.

I looked into MaterialCollectionParameter, but this appears to be more involved than needed. I don’t want to define the current values with a new parameter, but keyframe their current values.

Anyone have tips? Thanks

Interesting. If you apply that instance material to a static mesh and dig into the sequencer you can set Element 0 and change the parameters. But when it’s a volumetric cloud that option is not available. Not sure why there’s a limit. Would suggest reporting bug or at least a feature request.

Thank you for looking into this and replying. Good to know it might be a bug.

With your approach, I added a cube actor, put the same CloudMat_Instance on the cube as the CloudMaker uses. I can then add the cube/staticmesh/material etc to Sequencer and access the variables, but they don’t affect the main clouds. I expect this is behaving correctly as it is an Material Inst on a different object. Is this correct?

That said, when I try to do the same for the SOA_CloudMaker actor I can add tracks for Volumetric Cloud, then Material, but it only lets me change to existing materials vs the Element0 option. Should I be seeing Element0 and have the ability to key the params?