How to keep pawn from passing through objects

I’m fairly new to UE4. Have a lot more experience with Unity but have been trying to get used to this. I am creating a project similar to the twin stick shooter example project and have been using it as a reference. The pawn player ship that I have put into the game seems to pass through all the objects I place in the environment (cubes, walls, volume blocking objects, etc). The colliders seem to work because it’ll move a sphere around, but when it comes to creating a boundary wall or a placing impeding terrain, the ship will pass right through it. Is there some sort of setting I have missed or haven’t checked properly? I’m not quite sure how the example project was able to achieve this mechanic. Also sorry if this has been previously posted somewhere, I have been searching and have not been able to find any answers.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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These walls/boundaries are they made in a 3D modeling package? Are they meshes or bsps?

For the boundaries I was just using the cube shape then expanded it so it appeared more as a wall, and added a transparency material to it to make an “invisible wall”. The ship I am using was created in 3DS Max. It has a static mesh.

Move than likely, your ship has no collision data generated for it. Refer to this documentation on how to set up collision for your static mesh. Hope that helps.

I took your advice and looked into that link but I still have the same issue. Adding different types of collisions didn’t change anything. It is just weird because I originally used the ship in a character blueprint and everything worked fine, but when I changed it to a pawn blueprint it broke all of the collisions. If that helps narrow down what happened.

Finally figured it out and feel very dumb. I didn’t realize on the AddActorLocalOffset node in my pawn blueprint needed to have the Sweep boolean set to true. Setting that to true creates collision blocking events for your pawns.

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thank you for the info. It solved mine problem too.

Thank you, but I don’t have such node :frowning:

Where did you find it?

“Finally figured it out and feel very dumb.” me too :sweat_smile:
in a start moment, my pawn bp was crossing with an object and of course I lost any movement of it.

if somebody know,
but what I need to add after set AddActorLocalOffset
because if this node use like a finish node, my pawn blueprint loses a possible for movement