How to keep my product's original settings and functions, and perform 3D view by UE4.

Hi, I’m Johnny.

I was working on using UE4 as a render machine for our company’s product.

but I faced some problem ,and couldn’t find the solution from those AnwserHub.

so, I hope you can lead me to the solution.

I want to keep our product’s original settings and functions, and perform our 3D view by UE4.

We are working on a international software which focus on 3D interior modeling ,so we like to perform it with high standard 3D view which UE4 has provided.

But, we are having technical problem on keeping our original settings and functions while performing 3D view with UE4.

Please give me a hand on this. we will be very appreciate.

Thank you
Sincerely ,
Meng-Chiang Sun

It’s impossible to give any concrete help without more information on your current software and what kind of functions and settings you need to preserve.