How to keep media player going while in play mode

hey, does anyone know how to get a media file to continue to play in play mode? media player works fine in the preview but as soon as I play it the media player cuts off and I have to leave and restart the media.

Hey @3Dcolby1!

Can you share your blueprints with us where you set the media to play in your level? In the meantime, check out this documentation in case there are any missing steps that you need:

Any other specifics you provide may go a long way in solving your problem!

sure, here are the blueprints I’m using

Hey @3Dcolby1!

Just to make sure, do you do have your media player set for your variable in your level blueprint? So far I have found no errors using a very similar setup, but that is a very easy way to trip up (i’ve done so in the past).


ok yeah that got it to show up, but it was just the first frame and wasn’t playing unless I tabbed into the media player, paused it, and played it again so I did this

works pretty well

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