How to keep Mannequin hands in all animations still?

Hey all,
iam creating a shooter and i use the AnimationStarter-Pack animations and its Mannequin mesh.

My problem is that if i attach a weapon onto the right hand and iam in the Idle_Rifle_Ironsights animation, the hand is shaking too much. Is there a way to freeze (only) the hand so that you can aim without having to compensate the hand shaking?

Iam not very much into personas Anim Graph, so if you also might know some good tutorials, i would appreciate that :slight_smile:

And if you wonder why the camera is so near to the weapon while in zoom mode, iam moving it from the normal position towards the weapon if the player is aiming, so that you can use the iron sights of the weapon to aim. But if the weapon is shaking, that gets difficult.


I would make a one frame animation and in your statemachine, transition to that animation when in ironsight, or alternatively use a blendbybool to switch to the single-frame-animation. Hope that gives you something to work with.

Ok, i took my CC_Ironsight animation which ist just one frame as a base Pose, used a layered-blend-per-bone node and added the Locomotion as a blend pose so that the head and the legs are still like they should, but the body with the weapon stands still. I think thats it^^ Thank you!

Glad to be able to help :-). Remember to mark the question as answered.