How to keep actor between levels using blueprints

Hi everyone! Can somebody please help mewith this? I’ve searched all around and got no solution.

I got several actors on one level that the player can carry, but when I unload the level to load the next one using Level Streaming, the actors disappear.

Is any way to do that without placing them in the persistent level?

I don’t want either to spawn it because of the custom variables of each actor.

I’ve seen the node “move actors to level” but is not available anymore in the blueprints, here you have the link to the official UE4 documentation:

Thank you so much for your time!!

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[Move Actor to Level] node still exist, however, it’s a node in Editor Utilities, and you cannot use in at runtime.
Why don’t you want to place these actors to the Persistent Level?

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Hey! Thanks! We got a lot of gravity affected actors and when we unload and upload levels they disappear to the infinity.

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