How to keep a timer ticking between levels?

This is hard to answer, the best solution will be to make a save system, and save the amount from the timer in the level and load the amount to the new level you load.
you van use a widget to show the number by casting the value from the blueprint to a widget and bind a text to the value

No need to make a save system, the easiest way to keep info while changing levels will be putting data in the GameInstance.

I did not no that

I’m imagining something where the timer is always updating a value in the game instance. Then after changing levels there is initialization logic where the widget/timer pulls the info from the gameinstance.

I have been working on a system that counts time. I want this time to be hidden and not be shown by a print command but with a widget. The problem is that it doesn’t continue counting when I change level.

What I want is to someone show me how to keep the timer going until it stops and it shows up on the desired level that i have set.

Timer Widget:

Timer Creation:

Timer Show Up:

I do not know how to implement the game instance and the videos i have seen haven’t helped me as they don’t focus on the thing i want to do that is why i want someone to show me.

What I mean is for someone to take the format i have in the pictures and add on the game instance or something like that.

How do I do that?

Thanks, that video helped a lot.

With more learnings!