How to keep a background process alive?

I have already made an online rpg game client with Unity3d, but for various reason I think Unreal will be more user friendly for what I try to do.
You can see my progress work at
I have zero UE4 experiense, but I am up for the task.

My goal:
First of all, I need to make an UE4-compatible networking class that will work on the game background.
It will connect to a remote socket on a server and take actions like, connect, disconnect, send and recieve data.
So it should remain connected and not disconnect upon each level.
Upon this class, I imagine, I will make blueprints for each action needed, to send or recieve data.

My main question:
What would be the proper way to keep a class alive in the background of the game?
How can I make blueprints to communicate with that class?